Less. c’est le challenge d’un packaging à la fois efficace et écologique.

Pas de superflux pour ce packaging au design minimaliste. Un sac papier, une étiquette, des informations importantes et des instructions d’usage, le tout imprimé avec seulement deux encres (recyclables), rien de plus.
Less is More – Mies van des Rohe

The idea of ‘Less.’ reminds the substainable development. 
Indeed this project of packaging called ‘less’ try to be the more substainable it can. By using less paper in our packages, less ink, less color, in order to avoid wasting and pollution : less waste, less pollution, … It tends to be minimalistic. It uses the simplest design : a paper bag and a label in recycled paper. Also for the print, only two inks are used, a black and a fluo green (eco inks).Just essential informations are printed, not more — according to the quote ‘Less is more’, Mies van des Rohe. The only goal of this packaging is to sell ecological washing powder tablets. And it doesn’t need more than a name, some instructions and the important recommandations.
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